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Our seeds are developed and grown in California, USA where the environment is perfect for the production of Sunflower seeds. We grow all the seeds ourselves under strict conditions using temperature controlled storage to ensure the seeds we supply are of the highest quality.

Our USA customers always ask me, "Where do we get your sunflowers?" and, "How can I get seeds?" Well, to answer simply, we make them ourselves, and now you can buy the seeds from SelectSunflowers.com! For more than 40 years sunflower geneticist Dr. Tom Heaton and Olga Chengaeva have been developing ornamental sunflowers. Now SelectSunflowers.com is proud to offer this incredible array of varieties directly to you.

Every sunflower we show is the result of at least 7 years of careful research and plant breeding by Sunflower specialists Dr. Heaton and Olga Chengaeva. Thousands of plants are grown each year in our breeding plots. Every single plant is followed from germination through flowering with data being meticulously recorded for important traits that determine the type and quality of flower that our customers desire. The astounding range of colors and petal forms from sunflower is owed to our passion to create new flowers. When we are convinced that we have created yet another "new" sunflower that growers and gardeners will appreciate, pure source seeds are multiplied by our staff in strict isolation from other sunflowers. These stunning new sunflowers are then offered first to you by SelectSunflowers.com.

SelectSunflowers.com is committed to bringing you new and exciting sunflower cultivars with never before seen petal shapes and colors. Every time we discover something new for you we will email our customers and let them know. We are especially pleased to invite you to post photos of our sunflower varieties grown in your locale so that visitors to the website might enjoy the success you have with the seeds you buy from SelectSunflowers.com.We encourage you to visit this website regularly to see our award winning sunflowers as they become available to sunflower growers around the world.

Finally, your business is important to us. SelectSunflowers.com welcomes your comments and suggestions so that we can better serve you, our valued customer.

Peter Denney

Master Horticulturalist