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ProCut® Orange DMR

ProCut® Orange DMR

  • Orange

ProCut® Orange DMR is a breeding breakthrough in ornamental sunflowers that has tested resistant to most of the known races of downy mildew in major sunflower growing areas of the world! We believe that ProCut® Orange DMR is the number one choice against sunflower downy mildew. ProCut® Orange DMR has the same orange petals, a dark center, and is pollenless on a single stem plant. In most cases the resistance in ProCut® Orange DMR will help solve your downy mildew problems.

Petal ColourOrange
Face ColourDark
Height4ft (120cm) to 6ft (180cm)
1000 Seeds Weight45g
UsesProCut®, Bouquet
Ideas to TryA good choice if you have had Downy Mildew problems in the past!