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Salt N
Salt N
Salt N
Salt N

Salt N' Roast

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Like to snack on sunflower seeds? We have access to top snack sunflower hybrids used by commercial growers around the world. Now you can grow edible sunflowers, too. Sturdy plants produce large solitary heads loaded with large seeds filled with big kernels. Over plant and thin 6 inch (18 cm) plants to about 1 foot (30 cm) apart in rows 30 inches (30cm) apart to promote large heads. Larger heads maximize the seed size. Harvest the seeds when dry, but protect them from the birds in the garden while you wait. Soak the cleaned seeds in salt water for a few hours, pat them dry, and roast them in the oven or microwave. Turn on the match, sit back with your favourite tipple and enjoy your home grown salted and roasted sunflower seeds!

Petal ColourYellow
Face ColourLite
Height4ft (120cm) to 6ft (150cm)
1000 Seeds Weight100g
Ideas to TrySoak in salt water and roast to perfection!